Characterization of Granular Degradation – Çine Submassif

Weathering dynamics & degradation history

Landforms and degradation products of decomposition develop as a result of thousands of years of complex and non-linear events. In plutonic rock massifs, granular disintegration product (e.g. grus) are often observed. Past studies (e.g. Le Pera & Sorriso-Valvo, 2000) have suggest that plutonic rock can from a profile as bedrock-grus-soil formation due to deep weathering or subsurface weathering. Although many studies have investigated disintegration pattern in northern Europe (e.g. England, Poland, Sweden...), there are only few investigations done in the Mediterranean, despite offering various suitable study sites. This project aims to extend the degradation process understanding of the Çine Submassif in South-West Anatolia, Turkey,  Southern Europe.

In detail the project conducts an investigation of disintegration products developed in core unites (auger gneiss, metagranite) of the Çine Submassife and  map the distribution of different grus formations in order to determine the local driving factors (e.g. bedrock composition, erosion, climate, structural features etc.). The project is primarily managed by Prof. Dr. Murat Gül.